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Looking for specialized ABB repair services in India? You’re in luck! Synchronics is the country’s top partner for quality ABB repairs, with expertise in repairing a wide range of ABB products, components, and parts. Trust us to get your ABB units back up and running like new!

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List of Popular ABB products

AC DriveACS880, ACS355, ACS850, ACSM1, ACS580, ACS480, ACS880MPCA, ACS880LC, ACS880MSC, ACQ810
DC DriveDCS880, DCS800, DCS550
Micro DriveACS150, ACS55

Expert ABB Repair Service You Can Depend On

Is your ABB industrial product giving you a headache? You’ve come to the right place! At Synchronics, we’ve been providing superior ABB repair services since the brand’s inception in 2008. Before that, we were adept at serving products made by the companies that joined forces to form ABB (BBC & ASEA). Our expert services include repairing ABB AC drives, DC drives, servo motors, VFDs, inverters, soft start controls, and so much more. We guarantee you’ll be impressed by our efficient and high-quality service with a fast turnaround at an affordable cost.

Our fully trained technicians have gained essential knowledge and experience through ABB training classes, which allows them to repair and thoroughly test your defective ABB unit correctly. Each item that we repair is tested using our exact testing procedures to ensure that the unit can operate at full capacity before being released by our service department.

You’ll be delighted to know that we offer hassle-free, no-charge estimates for your ABB repair services and an all-inclusive warranty that covers your entire equipment. Our repair pricing is highly economical, providing significant cost savings to you or your company. In the unfortunate event of critical equipment failure, we offer a facilitated repair service that will get your equipment back in action quickly, thus saving you from a drawn-out period of costly lost production or discomfort. Choose Synchronics for the ultimate ABB repair experience, and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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