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Repair Services

Efficient industrial electronics repair solutions for optimal performance.

OEM Level Support

Outsource warranty-related service requests, optimize customer experience.

PCB Prototyping & Development

Innovative PCB prototyping and development for custom circuit boards.

Our Repair Process

At Synchronics, we ensure that our clients receive the best possible repair services, and our streamlined repair process is a testament to our commitment to excellence

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The received instrument is logged into our system and assigned a unique Job ID, which is barcoded for easy tracking. The client’s details are also entered into the system, and automated mails are sent to the client with the Job ID.
Assessment and Estimation​
Our technical team evaluates the instrument and produces a list of needed repair parts. A quotation is generated and submitted to the customer for approval through email or phone call.
Repair Process
Upon receipt of customer approval, the job is added to the repair queue based on priority and assigned to a technician. The instrument undergoes a thorough component-level troubleshooting process, and if needed, EPROM data and memory backup are carried out.
Tracing and Reverse Engineering
One of the main USPs of our company is our reverse engineering processes. Our experts prepare schematics that are used by the technicians during the repair process.
Testing and Simulation
Our well-equipped test stations are designed for various instruments, and the repaired unit undergoes thorough load testing and simulations. The repair process is completed after successful testing, and the unit is cleaned to remove any degreasing and oil traces. The instrument is then packed and shipped using industry standard packing material.
Packing and Forwarding
Before dispatch, the unit undergoes a final pre-shipment quality assurance check. The necessary documents such as gatepass, permits, and invoices are placed with the shipping boxes, and the shipping details are sent to the customer and tracked by our team.


Priyadarsan Acharya
Priyadarsan Acharya

Very good Service,Properly Manage, Root cause analysis, Very good Employees.

Kyara Patel
Kyara Patel

We are very happy with your services. Our PLC is working perfectly. Your team did a great job and helped us save time and money.

Birju Patel
Birju Patel

The Customer Service received from Team Synchronics was excellent. Thank you for all your help and support. It's refreshing to deal with a Synchronics that looks after their Customers very well.

Rajendra Pandey
Rajendra Pandey

Best place for b2b electronic can get your error cleared

Atit Patel
Atit Patel

Thanks to Synchronics Electronics, our faulty HMI is now back in action. Their knowledgeable team resolved the issue with precision

Satish Kp
Satish Kp

The way of work is too much impressive, worked here for 2 years , alwys had reat support of colleagues, overall thee environment is too much solid n supportive

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